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Public Relations

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✔ editorial coverage
✔ opening and maintaining communicaton channels

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Esther Pethos

Esther Pethos

Writer, Artist Consultant

- melomaniac -


Hi, I am a confessing melomaniac

For the last few years I’ve been working in the interests of independent artists. Gathering and sharing information to help improve their artistry, promoting artists that show great potential and reporting on relevant news. While today’s music business offers a plethora of opportunities, the range and amount of pitfalls is at least at the same level. It’s scary sometimes. I’m here to help you save time, nerves and money. I believe in sharing knowledge and experiences and that constructive criticism and collaborations are essential for independent and unsigned artists. After getting my feet wet in artist consultancy, Pethos Media is here to take it to the next level.

No false promises, only real proofs.

NoCheapThrill Independent Music Blog

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